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Afterwards In The 21st Century

Well after almost about five years ago when madman want to kill black men and segregating education and food places and everything. I was separate, but now its changed. Now everyone can see black people without getting a single thought about them. It took time for everything to change and it has. I love the new world now, blacks and whites eating together, black and white friend, no problems with blacks and whites together or any major conflicts. Look, there is now an African-American as the U.S. president, Barack Obama. People voted for him, white and black. No whites would ever let blacks sit with them but now there's one as out president. Also the fact that blacks are now blacks and African-American are in the Olympics, with really important jobs like NASA, and lots are in the army. Once people thought of them as evil are now our nations protectors. Everything is going great, just that there are a few errors in nowadays decisions. I hate the fact that there are "Hate Crimes" in the world. If someone tries saying something or doing something that might seem dangerously bad towards a black, that person will be charged. I know the government is still clinging on the rights and protection of the blacks but this is just ridiculous. There shouldn't be a "Hate Crime", that's like saying they can't handle or take care of themselves. And also that there are still schools that are segregated, some hosting segregated and integrated parties and other activities that go to the same school. Like some schools in New York, California, Texas, and more. Its been about fifty years and some schools are still segregated, that is just amazing. But I'm glad to see organizations and people trying to fix the problem, calling it the "Civil Rights Project". And I sometimes often see white young men making racist jokes and comments to other black folk for laughter or just for doing it. These are the problems with today, not to mention other racist and biased comments. But I see all this disappearing more into the future, but I'm still grateful for what Martin Luther King did and said to bring the signing of 1964 for all this to happen in the future. If he hadn't done all this, the world would be even worse than it is now, I can tell you that.


                                January 1, 2013

Free At Last

I prayed and prayed for the day to come when all blacks and whites would be together and as one. No violence, no ridicule, no mobs, just peace. I guess that day has finally come in 1964. When King looks on with president Lyndon B. Johnson when he signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Outlawing all segregation in education, employment, and public facilities. I knew this day would come, and finally after about 10 years of colored men and women fighting for their Civil Rights, with all the hosing, police arrests, leaving school, being brutally beat, even losing your own life finally paid off. I remember jumping up and down when I heard the news and started seeing segregation and integrated sighs pulled down off any stores. This was probably the greatest day in my life, and maybe even in history. Who knew it only took a document and a signature to make the world at peace. Soon the whites will be comfortable with "them" around but it will take time. I just can't believe what just occurred, I see everyone(Blacks) dancing and celebrating around the neighborhoods saying, "We won our Civil Rights!" On and on, it was crazy. I know that parents are still moved by the fact that some of their children either stopped school or sacrificed their lives. It's going to be hard, but the black community and I are all proud and very thankful for what they gave us throughout the years. Because of them, we are free at last.

                           December 12, 1976

Freedom Looks Segregation In The Eye

I hate to see young people and others trying to fight for their rights. It's the right thing to do it's  just that they could really get hurt and might tarnish their lives. Getting out of college to help for instance and going to jail and having a record. Now young African-American men are marching around Birmingham for equality. Their "deeds" really helped focus the nation's attention on the civil rights movement. But I'm hearing people criticizing King Jr. for exposing the young "crusaders" to danger. I'm starting to believe that too but its just that sacrifices have to be made to get anywhere or wanting something. But I'm seeing young black people getting housed down in the streets, police and guard dogs attacking them, many going to jail with business and sadness in their faces. I know this will continue on, but I just don't want to see these thing happen to such young people, or anyone in that matter. These so called "Freedom Riders" are endangered on havoc and chaos and even dying. I don't want to see this happen, let the more equipped older men handle it and the young men should worry about their future. I feel bad and sorry for them because of the upcoming consequences that await them. As the "Freedom Fighters" keep trotting around Birmingham, more violence occurs all around. I wish there was a way to protest nonviolently on both sides. But as of right now, we keep letting those young men be "Young Crusaders".

                                    December 2, 1976


The Movement That Shook Everyone

Everyone knew what was happening, Martin Luther King and his supporters went marching to Washington later to arrive a the Lincoln Memorial. To give a speech to the public about the Civil Rights and what should happen. Man,  remember that day, watching it on TV. So many people, thousands and thousands. And only a fraction of them were white. The crowd was crazy, and surprisingly there was no angry mob or someone threating to hurt anyone. It was just a get-together to talk. I saw the curd and confident face of King and the cops at his side. He talked and the crowd heard, I was in fumed with inspiration when he talks about anything. Civil Rights, politics, anything. Until finally he gave his famous "I Have A Dream" speech to the public. Seeing black and white boys and girls uniting and becoming one. Both will respect on another and will be the same. Now this tops everything than when people were trying to change things, everyone is listening and might change. I certainly will see the white folks in a whole other way for now one.  Martin King is a hero, an icon, a person that can be looked up to. Someone who wants change for the great or good for all. The movement to Washington brought attention in all angles, but King didn't care. He just wants to get their and let the people hear what he thinks. Martin Luther King is probably the most inspirational person I know and probably towards others too. I love it how he triumphs over all obstacles and the beatings and ridicule to come out of the tunnel fine and unchanged. This movement really changed the way I live, I'm just moved by it. This benefits jobs, freedom, and all. "We are finally free at last!" Martin Luther King Jr. Once said.    

                               November 6, 1976


They Want To Eat Their Lunch In Peace

Why you bothering us man? We just want to eat lunch, I know its segregated and only for whites, but we just want to eat lunch. I will not fight or act dangerously towards anyone. It's a "free" country and I could sit and eat anywhere I want to. I'm sitting in. This is what everyone one says now a days when eating in a white-only place. This was a break-threw that infuriated all whites around. Blacks are now trying to make segregated eating places integrated. I know for a fact that those white haters are going to do something, something that will cause even more riots and conflicts that will later involve the police. Then after awhile more and more of them started showing up and eating at segregated places. They were trained very well not to use any violence because if they do, the white community can use that to make them look bad in the court. But there was nothing stopping these men, they want freedom as do others. This started eventually working when finally a store in North Carolina agreed to serve blacks as well after 6 months of trying in 1960.. This is just one part of other protests like the education or the bus seating or whatever. But this will grow and grow until they get what they want. I know these brave and peaceful citizens were doing the right thing. I see them being the future role models or teachers of the world in the future. But the thing that surprises me is that first they know that they will be sent to jail, so they're sacrificing themselves for others. Also they know they will be brutally beaten and still they go. But the most important thing is that they won't fight back. They just take it, that must take lots and lots of tolerance for it all and bravery to protect their civil rights. I salute to them with great pride knowing they changed things, and if they didn't then that might have hurt us later in the present. But everyone of all color can finally eat together in one roof and one place. Because of the Woolworth Lunch Counter Integration.       

                                September 22, 1976

Little Rock vs. Integration

After all that happened, most schools are turning into integrated schools around the states. But the attitudes still are present in the minds of the children and the parents. Little Rock's schools are integrated but many conflicts abrupt. Many angry mobs surrounded the schools the second when blacks go into the school. This goes on for nearly everyday of every time. I can clearly see why this has happened, just because something is said doesn't necessarily mean everyone will follow it directly. It's obvious that its going to take time for the matter to go into play. This has been a big matter so policemen had to accompany the blacks when going in to school to protect them from the mobs. I know this isn't the best thing to do because of the money and scenes its going to cause and the distractions during school. And no to mention the wasted money spent on doing this instead of getting criminals from policemen, but it will have to do. It will set off anyone knowing that the cops are protecting them. Also the fact that they're white policemen protecting black citizens. But the mobs maybe scary, but I see the black students being strong and brave. To still attend school even with all the problems going on. They won the right to go to school, so I know it's great to show how committed they are on going to school. But the situation is horrible and unbelievable, parents yelling at students, racial slurs being said, threatening to lynch them, and more. Its unbearable to listen, but the colored students moved on as if nothing was there to hear or to be afraid of. That's the attitude of how the African-Americans had to deal with when being criticized or oppressed by the dignity of the white community. But the now integrated Little Rock school makes me wonder of the times of the brave and courageous students fighting for their education rights and values. The Little Rock Nine.  

                               August 16,1976


Rosa Fights Against Segregation

Rosa Parks was tired from working all day from work. After work she went on a bus (Segregated) to go home from her long day. As she sat on the bus, a white passenger came on the bus but had no where to sit, but refused  to give up her seat. Then the bus driver then yelled at Rosa multiple times to give up her seat but she. Only later to be arrested by the cops and put into jail. Rosa Parks was an inspirational hero, giving up herself to go against the segregated law. This later led to boycotting the city buses until Rosa was free. She was brave to fight for all and was calm to go with the police knowing that that would happen. But those segregated bus are unconstitutional, there shouldn't be a spot for blacks and whites, no rules enlisted, no restrictions. I'm dismayed on how the community and the public would treat such a king and peaceful old women. But this is no surprise that this occurred, many defiant citizens broke the law or the "way" of segregated buses go by. But Rosa was different, she spoke for what's right, she went beyond what was expected, she even grabbed the attention of Dr.Martin Luther King. With all the news, the boycotting of buses, people waiting and supporting Rosa during the days of her jail time is fantastic and amazing. Everyone thinks as one, not separate which really speaks to me saying that there is still hope. This was a movement that shocked everyone, even me. This women is a role model and a hero, a civil rights activists in the hand of the world. Rosa wanted the integration restriction stripped off any buses, making segregated free. I love it how as the days go on, change happens, and I will continue to keep hopping. I don't believe in violent persuasion like King feels or being mad for what the whites are doing, but thanking for what is happening now. For change.    

                         June 26, 1971