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Brown, The Savior Of The Education Of Colored

Everyone has heard of the Brown vs. Board of Ed. case before, it's been in the news, the newspapers, the "talk" for years to come. People talk about in all different ways, whether it was a blessing from god or a horrible tragedy that bestowed on America. Mostly everyone in America thinks that people will dread the day of May 17, 1954 when segregation was illegal. But no, that court case was a sign of hope. It gave the black citizens more to live for and more freedom. More reasons to keep "fighting". This is right, right for what has happened. No more shall the blacks be intimidated or feel oppressed by the white community. I know that white families is seriously deciding to take their children out of school because of the blacks. Becoming afraid, maybe because of them socializing or maybe the blacks will rise over the whites or something. But that's their problem, all kids should have an education. But it should be mixed, not separated  Equal not different. Together not separated. The Brown family has become has become an icon to the black community but a disturbance to the whites. The blacks should keep fighting, nonviolently though. We all strive for excellence and succeed in doing so together. Brown is one of many people to fight for what is right, he just took it so far that it had to noticed and tried for. Also with the fight of the intellectual Thurgood Marshall helping out settle the case to win with the 14th amendment to show what the matter is even going against. I'm so pleased to see what has happened, this is how it should be all the time. Blacks and whites as one, anything unlike that is inhumane. 

                          -May 7, 1971


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