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What You Say Can Cost You

A boy by the name of Emmett Till was mascaraed and disfigured by two whites because he talked fresh to a white women, which was against segregation law in Mississippi. Later the men was held in court, only to be found not guilty. I seriously don't understand why they were not to be held in jail for life for doing such a thing to this boy. I mean how could they be found not guilty? This boy was just minding his business harming no one except for the fact that he said, "see you later babe" to a women. But that doesn't mean that gives any one a right to kill him. Absolutely not. This is an abomination to man kind, this outrageous how this happened and occurred to young Emmett. This is unconstitutional for this to even be a law, especially the fact that it targets black people. It violates the first amendment  right to free speech. But I guess everyone is too ignorant and actin like complete animals because of blacks. These people should not be treated like a subhuman or an animal, but a family member. Or at least respect them as much as you wish to be respected yourself. The constant racism among the white community will come to an end once and for all. I'm sending a message to all the white folks, if you think this kind of behavior towards blacks is just going to keep going on, then you've got another thing coming. And that's a promise. Everything will change, especially when justice settles down and opens it's eyes and wasn't blinded by segregated rules.

                     -May 28, 1971


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