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Afterwards In The 21st Century

Well after almost about five years ago when madman want to kill black men and segregating education and food places and everything. I was separate, but now its changed. Now everyone can see black people without getting a single thought about them. It took time for everything to change and it has. I love the new world now, blacks and whites eating together, black and white friend, no problems with blacks and whites together or any major conflicts. Look, there is now an African-American as the U.S. president, Barack Obama. People voted for him, white and black. No whites would ever let blacks sit with them but now there's one as out president. Also the fact that blacks are now blacks and African-American are in the Olympics, with really important jobs like NASA, and lots are in the army. Once people thought of them as evil are now our nations protectors. Everything is going great, just that there are a few errors in nowadays decisions. I hate the fact that there are "Hate Crimes" in the world. If someone tries saying something or doing something that might seem dangerously bad towards a black, that person will be charged. I know the government is still clinging on the rights and protection of the blacks but this is just ridiculous. There shouldn't be a "Hate Crime", that's like saying they can't handle or take care of themselves. And also that there are still schools that are segregated, some hosting segregated and integrated parties and other activities that go to the same school. Like some schools in New York, California, Texas, and more. Its been about fifty years and some schools are still segregated, that is just amazing. But I'm glad to see organizations and people trying to fix the problem, calling it the "Civil Rights Project". And I sometimes often see white young men making racist jokes and comments to other black folk for laughter or just for doing it. These are the problems with today, not to mention other racist and biased comments. But I see all this disappearing more into the future, but I'm still grateful for what Martin Luther King did and said to bring the signing of 1964 for all this to happen in the future. If he hadn't done all this, the world would be even worse than it is now, I can tell you that.


                                January 1, 2013

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