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Free At Last

I prayed and prayed for the day to come when all blacks and whites would be together and as one. No violence, no ridicule, no mobs, just peace. I guess that day has finally come in 1964. When King looks on with president Lyndon B. Johnson when he signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Outlawing all segregation in education, employment, and public facilities. I knew this day would come, and finally after about 10 years of colored men and women fighting for their Civil Rights, with all the hosing, police arrests, leaving school, being brutally beat, even losing your own life finally paid off. I remember jumping up and down when I heard the news and started seeing segregation and integrated sighs pulled down off any stores. This was probably the greatest day in my life, and maybe even in history. Who knew it only took a document and a signature to make the world at peace. Soon the whites will be comfortable with "them" around but it will take time. I just can't believe what just occurred, I see everyone(Blacks) dancing and celebrating around the neighborhoods saying, "We won our Civil Rights!" On and on, it was crazy. I know that parents are still moved by the fact that some of their children either stopped school or sacrificed their lives. It's going to be hard, but the black community and I are all proud and very thankful for what they gave us throughout the years. Because of them, we are free at last.

                           December 12, 1976

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