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Freedom Looks Segregation In The Eye

I hate to see young people and others trying to fight for their rights. It's the right thing to do it's  just that they could really get hurt and might tarnish their lives. Getting out of college to help for instance and going to jail and having a record. Now young African-American men are marching around Birmingham for equality. Their "deeds" really helped focus the nation's attention on the civil rights movement. But I'm hearing people criticizing King Jr. for exposing the young "crusaders" to danger. I'm starting to believe that too but its just that sacrifices have to be made to get anywhere or wanting something. But I'm seeing young black people getting housed down in the streets, police and guard dogs attacking them, many going to jail with business and sadness in their faces. I know this will continue on, but I just don't want to see these thing happen to such young people, or anyone in that matter. These so called "Freedom Riders" are endangered on havoc and chaos and even dying. I don't want to see this happen, let the more equipped older men handle it and the young men should worry about their future. I feel bad and sorry for them because of the upcoming consequences that await them. As the "Freedom Fighters" keep trotting around Birmingham, more violence occurs all around. I wish there was a way to protest nonviolently on both sides. But as of right now, we keep letting those young men be "Young Crusaders".

                                    December 2, 1976


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