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Little Rock vs. Integration

After all that happened, most schools are turning into integrated schools around the states. But the attitudes still are present in the minds of the children and the parents. Little Rock's schools are integrated but many conflicts abrupt. Many angry mobs surrounded the schools the second when blacks go into the school. This goes on for nearly everyday of every time. I can clearly see why this has happened, just because something is said doesn't necessarily mean everyone will follow it directly. It's obvious that its going to take time for the matter to go into play. This has been a big matter so policemen had to accompany the blacks when going in to school to protect them from the mobs. I know this isn't the best thing to do because of the money and scenes its going to cause and the distractions during school. And no to mention the wasted money spent on doing this instead of getting criminals from policemen, but it will have to do. It will set off anyone knowing that the cops are protecting them. Also the fact that they're white policemen protecting black citizens. But the mobs maybe scary, but I see the black students being strong and brave. To still attend school even with all the problems going on. They won the right to go to school, so I know it's great to show how committed they are on going to school. But the situation is horrible and unbelievable, parents yelling at students, racial slurs being said, threatening to lynch them, and more. Its unbearable to listen, but the colored students moved on as if nothing was there to hear or to be afraid of. That's the attitude of how the African-Americans had to deal with when being criticized or oppressed by the dignity of the white community. But the now integrated Little Rock school makes me wonder of the times of the brave and courageous students fighting for their education rights and values. The Little Rock Nine.  

                               August 16,1976


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  1. Hello Roy, it's Jim Brown, running back for the Cleveland Browns. You said that the police guards weren't a good idea because of the money. I disagree with that statement because it was a good idea to get the guards. What if the mobs injured the new students? If the policemen weren't there the scene would be a disaster. No one knew how that would turn out so they needed the guards.