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Rosa Fights Against Segregation

Rosa Parks was tired from working all day from work. After work she went on a bus (Segregated) to go home from her long day. As she sat on the bus, a white passenger came on the bus but had no where to sit, but refused  to give up her seat. Then the bus driver then yelled at Rosa multiple times to give up her seat but she. Only later to be arrested by the cops and put into jail. Rosa Parks was an inspirational hero, giving up herself to go against the segregated law. This later led to boycotting the city buses until Rosa was free. She was brave to fight for all and was calm to go with the police knowing that that would happen. But those segregated bus are unconstitutional, there shouldn't be a spot for blacks and whites, no rules enlisted, no restrictions. I'm dismayed on how the community and the public would treat such a king and peaceful old women. But this is no surprise that this occurred, many defiant citizens broke the law or the "way" of segregated buses go by. But Rosa was different, she spoke for what's right, she went beyond what was expected, she even grabbed the attention of Dr.Martin Luther King. With all the news, the boycotting of buses, people waiting and supporting Rosa during the days of her jail time is fantastic and amazing. Everyone thinks as one, not separate which really speaks to me saying that there is still hope. This was a movement that shocked everyone, even me. This women is a role model and a hero, a civil rights activists in the hand of the world. Rosa wanted the integration restriction stripped off any buses, making segregated free. I love it how as the days go on, change happens, and I will continue to keep hopping. I don't believe in violent persuasion like King feels or being mad for what the whites are doing, but thanking for what is happening now. For change.    

                         June 26, 1971


  1. Hello mr. Wilkins I am Bishop Thomas Toolen and while I was reading this blog post I noticed you said, "A white passenger came on the bus but had no where to sit.refused." I do not understand this part but I do agree with the rest of your post. I think you right in thinking that those buses are unconstitutional. It was wrong of the buses to let the whites have control over where the blacks can and cannot sit. Do you think Rosa parks was the only person arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus?

  2. Hello Bishop Thomas, I see the comment that you have left me a few days ago. I'd like to say that it was just a little grammatical error, in my blog. Thank you for informing of what happened.