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The Movement That Shook Everyone

Everyone knew what was happening, Martin Luther King and his supporters went marching to Washington later to arrive a the Lincoln Memorial. To give a speech to the public about the Civil Rights and what should happen. Man,  remember that day, watching it on TV. So many people, thousands and thousands. And only a fraction of them were white. The crowd was crazy, and surprisingly there was no angry mob or someone threating to hurt anyone. It was just a get-together to talk. I saw the curd and confident face of King and the cops at his side. He talked and the crowd heard, I was in fumed with inspiration when he talks about anything. Civil Rights, politics, anything. Until finally he gave his famous "I Have A Dream" speech to the public. Seeing black and white boys and girls uniting and becoming one. Both will respect on another and will be the same. Now this tops everything than when people were trying to change things, everyone is listening and might change. I certainly will see the white folks in a whole other way for now one.  Martin King is a hero, an icon, a person that can be looked up to. Someone who wants change for the great or good for all. The movement to Washington brought attention in all angles, but King didn't care. He just wants to get their and let the people hear what he thinks. Martin Luther King is probably the most inspirational person I know and probably towards others too. I love it how he triumphs over all obstacles and the beatings and ridicule to come out of the tunnel fine and unchanged. This movement really changed the way I live, I'm just moved by it. This benefits jobs, freedom, and all. "We are finally free at last!" Martin Luther King Jr. Once said.    

                               November 6, 1976


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