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They Want To Eat Their Lunch In Peace

Why you bothering us man? We just want to eat lunch, I know its segregated and only for whites, but we just want to eat lunch. I will not fight or act dangerously towards anyone. It's a "free" country and I could sit and eat anywhere I want to. I'm sitting in. This is what everyone one says now a days when eating in a white-only place. This was a break-threw that infuriated all whites around. Blacks are now trying to make segregated eating places integrated. I know for a fact that those white haters are going to do something, something that will cause even more riots and conflicts that will later involve the police. Then after awhile more and more of them started showing up and eating at segregated places. They were trained very well not to use any violence because if they do, the white community can use that to make them look bad in the court. But there was nothing stopping these men, they want freedom as do others. This started eventually working when finally a store in North Carolina agreed to serve blacks as well after 6 months of trying in 1960.. This is just one part of other protests like the education or the bus seating or whatever. But this will grow and grow until they get what they want. I know these brave and peaceful citizens were doing the right thing. I see them being the future role models or teachers of the world in the future. But the thing that surprises me is that first they know that they will be sent to jail, so they're sacrificing themselves for others. Also they know they will be brutally beaten and still they go. But the most important thing is that they won't fight back. They just take it, that must take lots and lots of tolerance for it all and bravery to protect their civil rights. I salute to them with great pride knowing they changed things, and if they didn't then that might have hurt us later in the present. But everyone of all color can finally eat together in one roof and one place. Because of the Woolworth Lunch Counter Integration.       

                                September 22, 1976

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